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Peace in My Relationships

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source Does it really matter in the long run? How important is this to me? I’ve been mentally asking myself these questions and choosing peace over confrontation more often. I’m trying to be more patient. I’m trying to say yes more often; to embrace the day. I want to inspire, encourage and love! I want […]

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Babywearing: Sleepy Wrap

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  Mommy and Isaac {20+ lbs @ 8 months} I had the privilege of reviewing a  Boba 2G Organic earlier this year. I loved it and thought it worked wonderfully despite Isaac being so young. But between the hypotonia and neck weakness, last summer I decided to try a wrap for the first time ever. […]

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Choose Peace

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Source Last month, as I reflected on 2011, mentally reviewed my accomplishments, failures and re-evaluated my priorities and pondered the upcoming year, it was as if the Lord audibly whispered, “choose peace”. I’ve mulled that over while I washed dishes, folded laundry, and tried to fall asleep at night. How can I choose peace? My […]

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Chloe Turns 5

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  You love wearing Oma’s vintage jewels Happy birthday, Chloe! Today you turn 5. You have been so excited, looking forward to this day. “Five is a big number”, you tell me proudly. Five years have passed slowly and quickly. I look at you, no longer a baby or toddler but a big girl; it […]

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Five Minute Friday: Remember

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Things flow smoothly, the laundry is caught up, folded and where it should be. I’ve done the dishes after dinner so we wake up with a fresh start each morning. I’m feeling like I have it all together. But then I don’t. With all the doctors appointments, we’re often out several times a week. Isaac […]

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Five Minute Friday: Catch

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Three doctors appointments on three different days last week. Rinse and repeat for this week. Fall is flying by, life is flying by, these sweet baby days are flying by. And all I seem to be doing lately is trying to catch up; the laundry, the dishes, the dusting… Until yesterday. Perfect Yesterday. I woke […]

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Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

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My children love to throw the laundry down the stairs. It’s great fun. Then they go down the stairs, and haul it into the laundry room where they sort it by person rather than color no matter how many times I remind them. Laundry is pretty ordinary around here. Dirty and clean.  You’ll find it […]

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Five Minute Friday: Growing

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The mis-matched seeds in the little red pot on the window sill come to life; drinking up their water, basking in the sun and lifting their heads upwards. Each time Chloe eats a piece of fruit, she carefully saves her seeds. We have peach, apple and orange seeds planted in this pot. {I don’t tell […]

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Day by Day and a Psalm

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 Source Before I begin to share Isaac’s birth story I wanted to share this song with you. Just as Isaac has grown so much since his arrival in June, I too have grown as well. The Lord gave me this song while Isaac and I were in the hospital and I sang it to Isaac, […]

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Ode de Isaac (How to Settle the Baby)

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 Source {Sing to the tune of “on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese…”} Sweet little Isaac You seem very sad. The more you keep crying The more you seem mad. I’ll give you a bath then, So you will be clean. Perhaps it will calm you, And then you won’t scream. I’ll run nice […]

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