Chloe Turns 5

Birthday Girl_picnik  You love wearing Oma’s vintage jewels

Happy birthday, Chloe! Today you turn 5. You have been so excited, looking forward to this day. “Five is a big number”, you tell me proudly.

Five years have passed slowly and quickly. I look at you, no longer a baby or toddler but a big girl; it is bittersweet.

You chose most of your own clothes for the winter season this year. With a few exceptions, almost everything is purple. A real mix n’ match wardrobe. I pray that you will keep you zany sense of style but learn and love modesty.

You still wear piggy tails occasionally but prefer to wear your hair down now. “It’s most beautiful that way”, you tell me with a cheeky smile. I pray that you will always remember that the Lord looks on our hearts and strive to be beautiful on the inside most of all!

You still bounce, skip or gallop when you’re going somewhere. You seldom ever walk. I pray you are always filled with the joy of the Lord.

You’re so proud when you can help doing big tasks. You love to take the laundry down to the laundry room, or put your own laundry away. You set & clear the table and especially love to help with Isaac, choosing his sleeper or getting mama a diaper. May you always have a helpful spirit and a willing heart.

You just got your first allowance this week. Four shiny quarters. You gave one to Jesus, put one in your savings account and spent two on chocolate and gum. How pleased you were! I pray that you learn to be a wise steward of what the Lord gives you!

Chloe, you were my firstborn. I remember when you were a baby and it was just the three of us. I laugh as I look back, remembering how I thought parenting was so easy.  You’re a delight, but a continual challenge. I strive to discipline and teach you each day in a patient, Christ-like way, though I know I fall short. I pray that you will grow to know and love Jesus more in this new year.

Lord, thank you for Chloe. I thank you for her life, and the plan that you have for it. Please help me to teach and train her in a way that pleases you. Draw her close to you, Lord. Help her to desire you with her whole heart and long to serve you with her life! Amen.


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