But If Not…

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So yesterday Isaac fell down the stairs, and then had a bad seizure. I’m so thankful for the children God gave me. Chloe (10) was a huge blessing in getting me the phone for 911, then gathering what I would need to take with me. John (8) was incredible as he stayed out of the […]

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This Is My Father’s World

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It seems that the news is constantly filled with terrible, life-changing tragedies. I don’t know if it is that I’m paying more attention to the news in general now, but each day it seems that we wake up to more devastation. At times tears stream down my face. My heart breaks for the families, for […]

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beholding him loved him

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Isaac is missing. We were at the park. He had better things to do than lay under a tree for a group selfie! These days I am very much reveling in my children, in motherhood, in these glorious summer days. Earlier this week, while on a nature walk, the sun was shining, the birds were […]

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Spring is Springing 2015

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Oh, winter has it’s season but I am feeling it’s about time for it to end. Then comes the funny part where there is too much snow for Isaac’s wheelchair and not enough for the sleigh. Last week the snow melted enough around our pond to go for a real walk again, oh, so exciting!!! […]

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Our Display Book

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Our family is learning Proverbs 4:23. My friend Jen writes at Jen’s New Song and has decided to make scripture memorization a focus for her family this year and will be sharing her KJV printables on her blog as she makes them for her family.  That’s a bonus for me. We have a display book […]

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Peeking Through My Window–Repost

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Source I had initially posted Peeking Through My Window in March 2012 but happened upon it the other day and thought it was a great time to repost, even if it isn’t March Break…just insert “back to school” or something. I began preparing for March break in February. Alas, March break crept up fast and […]

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Sometimes Life Isn’t Beautiful

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In 2012, Isaac began having seizures. You know those times when you are almost asleep and you jerk awake? Most of his seizures physically look like that jerk except that he is awake and doing normal activities when they happen. Sometimes they are a singular occurrence and if you blink, you miss it. Other times […]

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God Keep Our Land

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O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North strong and free! From far and wide, O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. […]

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Review: A Grain of Rice by Helena Clare Pittman

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We use Sonlight in our homeschool. Their educational approach to learning through books is a good fit for our family in this season. Something that I love about their books is that it’s not just the children who enjoy them, I do too! I would definitely add A Grain of Rice by Helena Clare Pittman […]

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You’re a Good Mama

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Credit @Doug88888 “You’re a good mama”. I hear that every so often from seniors at our church. I love them, value their encouragement and it warms my heart, probably because one of my love languages is words of affirmation. “If you have children, love them, but, don’t try to be a perfect mother.” ~ 60 […]

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