Peeking Through My Window–Repost

Posted by Jennifer on August 25, 2014 – 7:09 am


I had initially posted Peeking Through My Window in March 2012 but happened upon it the other day and thought it was a great time to repost, even if it isn’t March Break…just insert “back to school” or something.

I began preparing for March break in February. Alas, March break crept up fast and life being as it is, I was not as prepared as I had planned to be for our March Break trip. I forgot a few important things – like my beloved pillow and the new library books.

What is my point? You see what I let you in this little space of mine and usually it’s my best side. But,

Sometimes I yell at my children

Sometimes my house is messy {more often than not as of late}

Sometimes I’m snarky with my husband

Sometimes I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be, as I plan to be!

I want this space to be an encouragement and a blessing to you. Yes, there are times that I share our hard days, when my calling doesn’t feel beautiful or when life isn’t beautiful  because sometimes that is the best way to encourage others along.

But today I want to  remind you that when you read here, it’s only a small glimpse of my life.  When you read a blog, pass a woman on the street or admire her from afar, remember that you are seeing just a snippet, or just what they let you see. Guard your heart; I’m not called to be her, you’re not called to be her

She’s not perfect,  remember nobody’s perfect; especially not me!

How was your March Break?

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