Roses, Exploring and 21,000 Steps

Morning Romp

At their request, I woke my oldest two at 5:00 am to join me for a little morning exercise. They’d been asking to join me and then come home to have breakfast with mommy and daddy before he left for work. I’d been putting off the request because I selfishly do not want to share my morning hour of solitude and I have to say I’ve been enjoying the breakfast dates alone with my husband.

It was a beautiful temperature this morning, almost brisk even; a welcome respite from the humid days we’ve been having. I was proud of how well my children did and I think I did better this morning because of them. That doesn’t mean I want to share my cherished time with them on a regular basis though!


We had breakfast, bible basket and headed out for a walk and an explore. Yesterday was filled with errands and Isaac needed an explorish day because that’s how he is. He caught an ant today. He was pleased with that. Chloe found a dead monarch butterfly and was delighted to have the rare chance to examine it hands on. She loves the colours, patterns and commented on the powdery substance coming off on her fingers. Guess we can check science off for today.

We also read a couple new books today before returning them to the library. Azad’s Camel was a great picture book with lovely illustrations to introduce the children to the middle eastern landscape and culture. It also provided an opportunity to touch briefly on child-trafficking. Voices of Ancient Egypt was a great introduction to a variety of jobs in ancient Egypt from the scribe to the weaver to the farmer. My children find ancient Egypt fascinating and I know they were disappointed that our trip to Egypt was cancelled last fall. {Though with everything going on in that part of the world, I wasn’t very disappointed.} We also read My Arctic 1, 2, 3 which at first seems like a beautifully illustrated but overly simplistic (for my older two) counting book however if you read the introduction as well as the extra little notes at the back, its perfect for younger tots and older children (8, 9) alike. Written by a Canadian who grew up in Rankin Inlet, it’s a fantastic way to introduce children to the Canadian North. I really enjoyed the books and extra little biography stories.


We also picked up some rose bushes for 50% off. I’d been thinking about something climb-ish for the corners off our patio on either side of our trellis into the yard. Chloe asked if we could get roses. So during their quiet time today (much needed given their early morning), I started on the planting. I planted one climbing white rose bush in the back corners of the patio on both sides. Well, not the exact corner as I have just recently split a hosta that was far too gigantic and I stuck part of it in the corner over there. It looks sad right now but by next spring, it will be lovely and hopefully both the rose plants will cooperate and grow up the lattice and over the trellis.

I also had three rose bushes (non climbing) that we put in the front gardens, one pink, one apricot and one red. Just beautiful!

But by the time I had planted the roses, changed Isaac, mowed the back grass, and watered the vegetables it was 5:30pm! I’m thankful that one of my children’s favourite meals is pasta with pesto sauce. Boil the water and serve dinner 7 minutes later. I had a fast shower and put on PJ’s while I waited for the water to boil.

So it is the end of the day. My fitbit tells me I walked 21,000 steps and about 9 miles (14.5km). And I feel exhausted {like those numbers should have been higher!}.  And it was a good day.

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