Pan of fudge

Christmas Baking Ideas

What fun we had in December baking, eating and gifting an assortment of delicious treats. We used some tried and true recipes and made a few new ones as well. I thought I’d share a couple websites that were super…

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Pies on a Counter

My Daughter Makes Pie

My daughter loves pie. She’s 13 and she decided to try make pie from scratch on her own during the Covid lockdown this spring. She used Barefoot Contessa’s blueberry pie recipe. Her first pie turned out really great. Some, since…

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Rose and Sunflower

Beauty, Chaos and Faithfulness

A picture is worth 1000 words? Maybe. If you were to look at most of the pictures that I email to friends or post online, it would be easy to come to the conclusion that my children are always happy…

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img 3960.jpg

Our Grand River Rafting Trip

Every day is an adventure, but some days an extra special adventure comes along. I’ve been wanting to go turbo tubing down the Grand River for a few years and this year we finally did it; my dad, my oldest…

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Baby Watermelon

Guessing in the Garden

In our yard, some things grow in containers on the deck and a few others grow in big planters. A strawberry hanging basket provided us with delicious fruit to snack on, and after three years, a pretty good raspberry patch…

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Pennsylvania Blackberry

PlantSnap on Our Walk

Today is an overcast Thursday; warm, but not humid or hot, thankfully. It’s the perfect go-for-a-walk-day. Well, I actually have one child who believes that every day is a go-for-a-walk-day, which is untrue but we go regardless. So I sliced…

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Tree Fort Platform and Drill

Building A Tree Fort

We have one of those Cedar Summit playhouse sets in our backyard. The kids have loved it but a year or two years ago John started talking about an actual fort in a tree. I guess time just goes by…

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Hot milk cake with strawberries and whipped cream

Hot Milk Cake and Strawberries

The other day my daughter went picking at a berry farm with her friend and brought home some very ripe strawberries! They’re beautiful, red and so fragrant. One of the first things I think about when looking at a basket…

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Strawberries in a hanging basket

Strawberry Thief

This year our strawberry patch is simply a hanging basket. It hangs off the railing on the deck outside my bedroom. I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of berries that have come off this plant so…

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He Is Kind Unto The Unthankful

Pondering Life in the Garden With the COVID-19, the world has become a different place. Some areas are harder hit than others with the virus, or with the lockdown restrictions. We live in Southern Ontario, Canada. Our area has had…

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