Strawberry Thief

This year our strawberry patch is simply a hanging basket. It hangs off the railing on the deck outside my bedroom. I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of berries that have come off this plant so far and even more shocked at how deliciously sweet they are.

Our previous strawberry patch was a 4 x 4 plot in the back corner of our yard. I’m not sure if it was the ants that seem to reside in that area or the fact that it only got mid morning sun because the fence and the lilac tree blocked the hot afternoon sun, but, either way, the strawberry plants did not do well. Despite the enriching soil and peat moss I added, the plants were producing few berries and those that did ripen were ant-nibbled.

Anyway, back to my hanging basket. I’ve noticed that a few berries have some nibbles out of them. My son, who also likes to eat berries, asked me what was snacking on our berries?

I haven’t seen any ants but there are bees and wasps are around so I suggested to him that perhaps they were flying by and having a taste.

The very next morning I noticed some flapping out our patio door. I stepped out onto the deck and peeked around the basket and lo, and behold, there was a robin perched on the edge of the planter flapping madly to keep his balance, and picking up my berries.

The robin was more surprised to see me than I was to see her and off she flew.

I shared my new-found discovery with my son and patted myself on the back for having solved the mystery of our strawberry thief.