A Day in the Life 5.28.12


Today was a good day. We learned about mammals and three basic ways to help determine a mammal. {Hair, live young ones and nursing}. We sure love our Berenstain Bears’ Big Book of Science and Nature! We also read a bit about the egg, tadpole, frog process and plan to head down to the pond tomorrow afternoon and see if we can see any! I hope we do. I always found them fascinating as a child!


I don’t know that you are ever technically “behind” when you are homeschooling but since we took some extended breaks through the school year with Isaac’s health issues and the move, we’ll be finishing up our JK year through the summer. The children don’t mind though, they love school! I know that probably will not always be the case so I’m enjoying this time now. {Or trying to anyway. Some days mommy just doesn’t feel like school!}


Isn’t this flower lovely? I’m discovering the beauty of moving into a new house in the early spring;you will constantly be surprised at what grows where! We aren’t doing any planting this year. I’m just tackling the incredible weeds that are threatening to overtake the house and watching what grows up, how the soil is, where the sun shines and where the shade is. We’ll plant some bulbs in the fall and more planting next spring.

I’m no gardening guru but I’d love to hear what your favorite flower or vegetable to plant is. Mine? Carrots because I love to wash them with the hose and crunch them as a snack! My flower choice may be considered a weed by some but I love black eyed susans. They look nice and Chloe can pick and pick and pick to her hearts content without running out. We had a fantastic garden of them at the old house and I’m going to make sure we do here too!

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