Little Ballerina Graduate


It seems like just the other day that Chloe excitedly donned her slippers and headed off to her first day of ballet. Well, on Wednesday my little girl just finished her first year, doing a fine job on the finale performance. I’m thankful for the fantastic local homeschool group we belong to. Through the homeschool support group, there is a variety of activities, events and classes that students can take part in. Ballet is just one of many! Chloe loves her teacher, the class and the new friends she’s made.

A cutie in a tutu is a finer thing, as is the freedom we have in this country to homeschool.

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  1. Wow, your homeschool group has ballet classes!? That’s awesome! We were planning to homeschool but I think we’re going to try the school route instead starting in September. If we change our minds a few years down the road, I hope our homeschool group is as amazing as yours!

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