Little Ballerina Graduate

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It seems like just the other day that Chloe excitedly donned her slippers and headed off to her first day of ballet. Well, on Wednesday my little girl just finished her first year, doing a fine job on the finale performance. I’m thankful for the fantastic local homeschool group we belong to. Through the homeschool […]

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Mud My Day

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Spring. Mud. Children. FUN! I loved mud as a child. We lived in the country so no paved driveway for us. A nightmare for my parents perhaps but a delight for us as children! While mud doesn’t give me quite the same thrill as it used to, watching my children enjoy it definitely does make […]

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Finer Things: A Lilac Tree

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I absolutely love the smell of lilacs. My parents brought over a tree the other day and planted it in the yard while we were out. We got home late and rushed into the house. The next morning there was some excitement in the ranks; a tree had grown in our yard overnight! Ha! I […]

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