Ants and The New House


Well, let me say that



                                   a lot



Well, truthfully, the move was fairly easy. We hired movers, cleaners, painters…but the real work is settling in, unpacking and finding our groove and new routine.

We’ve been in our new house a month. Wow! The time has flown by. Things are coming along. Obviously essentials are unpacked and even the garage is {mostly} organized.  Pictures are coming I promise!






I love the house but I really, really love the area. We are so close to the park; 0.1 km away to be exact. We’re also just a few minutes walk from trails, a pond, the river…it’s amazing!

We went for a short walk the other day and saw some good sized fish in our pond off the dock. The children are anxious to get back with our fishing rods. We skirted around some geese and their goslings, caught a brief snake sighting, followed the croak for a peek at a frog and so much more.  We’ll probably never be quiet enough, but we’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the mama fox and her four babies that are rumored to be holed up down by the bridge.


Lord, thank you for our home. It is perfect for our family and I am so thankful for your goodness and faithfulness!

Our house has ants. When we first moved in, I chased each one down, caught it and disposed of it. But we’re a month in now and when I see one, “oh, an ant” runs through my mind and I keep walking, un-phased. Perhaps they are the Lord’s way of reminding me to consider the ants and be productive? I think I’d prefer something a little less literal and visual. {We’re replacing the patio door which should resolve the issue but it takes 6 weeks for the order to come in and them to install it.}

So tell me how long it took you to get unpacked and settled after your move?


  1. any chance the ants are coming in with the laundry? We have them everywhere too, but they DO come in with our laundry from the line.
    Can’t wait to see the new house!

  2. this happened to us when we moved into a new house,and for the few we were seeing , turns out there were thousands behind the wall in nests, we tried the extermintor and it didnt seem to work that well, and i didnt like the thought of the chemicals either, if you go to your local harwarde store or garden place, get something called borax, they have it in liquid , you just put a few drops near where you see them coming out , on the ceiling etc, so you can keep it away from pets , kids etc and the ants carry it back to the nest, it worked amazing

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