Happy Mother’s Day

 IMG_0022  Photo by Chloe

Motherhood isn’t easy. Not if you’re doing it right!

Motherhood isn’t about happiness, though it is a byproduct sometimes.

But motherhood is a beautiful calling, a blessed privilege, an amazing opportunity, an incredible responsibility and the rewards of it are like no other! How wonderful to have a special day to celebrate this gift.

And for those today who, for whatever reason, are not yet mothers, today is a day to celebrate the desire God gave you for motherhood, and His faithfulness.

IMG_0024Photo by John

Thank you , Lord, for these amazing little ones you’ve entrusted to my care. Give me wisdom to guide, teach, and correct them. Teach me self-discipline. Show me how to train each of them, so they are ready for Your use.

Shine through me and give me the ability to love them as you do! Amen.

 IMG_0028Photo by Chloe

I’ve been blessed with Isaiah, Chloe (5), John (3) and Isaac (11 months).

So how many children do you have?

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