Roses, Exploring and 21,000 Steps

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At their request, I woke my oldest two at 5:00 am to join me for a little morning exercise. They’d been asking to join me and then come home to have breakfast with mommy and daddy before he left for work. I’d been putting off the request because I selfishly do not want to share […]

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Mulch for the Playground

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Last year we build the back yard playground and this year, we’re still finishing it up. This year, we’ve built the frame and have been busy hauling the chips in to fill it. I really wanted to put some nice woodchips around the area but didn’t want to pay an absolute fortune. Did you know […]

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A Day in the Life 5.28.12

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Today was a good day. We learned about mammals and three basic ways to help determine a mammal. {Hair, live young ones and nursing}. We sure love our Berenstain Bears’ Big Book of Science and Nature! We also read a bit about the egg, tadpole, frog process and plan to head down to the pond […]

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How Does Your Garden Grow? Quite Well!

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It was too early to plant a garden before we left for Africa and a little late when we returned. Because of that, I cheated and bought a couple plants from our local greenhouse that were already started and others we bought seeds. But started from plants or seeds, this is our first garden ever […]


Happy Father’s Day

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View Full Album   This year daddy got a pretty special gift; Teva Sandals. I know that he enjoyed those however the real gifts were the coloring pages, artwork with poem and the special herb garden we planted for him. Daddy loves cooking so the herb garden will bring him great joy this season. We […]

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It’s Been A Good Day!

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View Full Album This morning while out doing errands, Chloe spotted a park. “Mommy, look! A park, can we play?” While it wasn’t part of my day’s plan, we stopped for a little impromptu play. Since it wasn’t planned, I didn’t have my husband’s camera with me. (And mine is broken). The park had this […]

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Dragonfly Landscape Supply

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View Full Album "We Sell Dirt Cheap"- Really! I’m not a landscaper by any stretch of the imagination however, this year we are building a vegetable garden. I needed about 3 yards (approx. 2300 liters) of triple mix or garden dirt to do it.  I looked into buying it buy the bag at the store […]

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Preparing My Garden

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Photo by Bookgrl Monday morning {as usual}, I am putting things back in order after the weekend. I do very little on the weekends; usually only the essentials. I also have a Bunwich order to prepare and then I am heading to Dragonfly Landscape to order the triple mix needed for our first ever vegetable […]

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