It’s Been A Good Day!

This morning while out doing errands, Chloe spotted a park. “Mommy, look! A park, can we play?” While it wasn’t part of my day’s plan, we stopped for a little impromptu play. Since it wasn’t planned, I didn’t have my husband’s camera with me. (And mine is broken). The park had this really neat whale teeter totter but the springs looked like this one which meant that even one person could bounce. While the children played, mommy bounced. You know, we go to the park fairly often and I watch, cheer, encourage, help, push littles on the swings but I seldom play. Today was fun, refreshing, relaxing. Mom’s need to play more!


After we finished up at the park, we continued on to the garden center. We spent a delightful hour in there looking at plants. {Love my Ergo carrier which is where John was}. Chloe picked out several geraniums in all shades of pink of course. We like geraniums. They were on sale and pretty cheap, the bloom all summer and of course they are hardy and not easy to kill. Perfect for a beginning gardener. {Mommy, not Chloe!}.

We had a healthy (tongue in cheek) lunch at Wendy’s; a special request from Chloe. The littles had their noon naps and mommy started on the garden. By the time Chloe woke up, it was time to plant the beans {nice big seeds for clumsy little hands} and several other plants that we got on sale.

John and Chloe both took great delight in watering the plants with their own little watering cans {thanks Aunty Sandy} and they watered themselves a little too.

Finished with the garden, we dug out the kiddie pool we found on the curb on garbage day last fall. We filled it up and spend the remainder of the afternoon playing in it.

A picnic dinner of grilled cheese, cucumber salad and pickles and then back into the mud/pool for more fun. A little time snuggling on the swing eating popsicles then then the littles’ day is finished with a bath, pj’s, library time and a few pages from Little House on the Prairie.

Mommy now sits in the quiet of the back yard. The day is now cool. {She is swinging on the porch swing her mother found for free on kijiji. This makes her happy.} She thinks it has been a good day, not because she accomplished many tasks on her to-do list {though she did do that too} but because her priorities were right today and she invested in things that will matter in eternity; her family!

Have you had any good days lately?

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