Water Consumption You Don’t See


Steve Took It

Recently I read some information that I found interesting. It was about water being used that we don’t think about.

When you buy meat, do you stop to think about how much water it took to bring that to you? I know I don’t! Including water that they drink, water it took to grown their food and to clean their waste it’s about:

  1. 1857  gallons for one pound of beef
  2. 756 for pork
  3. 469 for chicken

When purchasing other food, you need to factor in water to raise the animals and then to process the edible product or water to grow the product. It looks something like this:

  1. 1382 gallons for a pound of sausage
  2. 589 gallons for processed cheese
  3. 400 gallons for eggs
  4. 103 gallons for bananas
  5. 33 for strawberries
  6. 109 for corn
  7. 31 for potatoes
  8. 43 for beans

I’m married to a dedicated carnivore though I, myself, am a veggie girl. It won’t affect our purchasing decisions much but I did think it worth mentioning.

Though we won’t be saving water by eating less meat like some families we do conserve water in other ways:

  1. We have a HE Washer which uses a LOT less water than a traditional machine
  2. We run full loads for laundry and dishes
  3. Short showers
  4. Limit our lawn watering

Hmmm, this is kind of a short list. I’m going to cheat and google water conservation. This water consumption link is a good one. We do some of these! Hurray!

Do you find the water stats surprising? What are some ways that you conserve water at your house!


  1. Excellent…informative, makes everyone who visits with you today, makes us all stop and think!!

    Come on over to visit and read my Thursday post if you have time. It’s HERE

  2. Yes, most of the stats surprised me. My son probably would not be surprised. How do we conserve? The same ways you do and not leaving the water on while brushing your teeth.

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