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I’d also just like to let you know that Ottawa Cloth Diapers is having a facebook photo contest. Become a fan ad submit a summer picture of your little one or a picture of them in a cloth diaper and you’re entered! Oh, you can also vote for my pictures by becoming a fan and “liking” the pictures. Did I mention that the first place prize is $150 gift card? WOW! {Yes, this is a shameless request but last time I entered the contest, I don’t think I had a single vote and it seemed really sad to vote for myself…if that is even legal!}

Milkies – Happy Moms, Healthy Babies

I received the following email from a reader the other day sharing her experience with Milkies; a product to help moms store breast milk without having to pump. It means that you are never wasting a drop of precious milk. She kindly agreed to allow me to share her story with you.

“I just had my fourth baby. She is 6 weeks old now.  For physical reasons I have been unable to pump milk and save it for any of my babies.  We invested in pumps that are supposed to be for people who may have trouble, etc.  Painful! Twenty minutes of pumping for about 1/2 ounce.  Seriously, just won’t happen for me.  Now, this time, I came across this thing called a milk saver.  It was $25 dollars, and so I gave it a shot.  I am so excited about this product.  It is a simple idea, but as far as I know, these are the first people to capitalize on it.  It is made of bendy plastic that is BPA free, and comfortable on the skin.  You put it in your bra on the side that you are not nursing from.  While the baby nurses on one side, the average women expresses  up to 4 ounces on the other side.  Usually this milk just goes into your pad or towel, or whatever, and is totally wasted.  But the milk saver catches that milk so it is not wasted, and instead you can store it and use it later. It is very easy.  No electricity, batteries, etc.  Just stick it in, and collect. This has been a huge blessing for our family the past few weeks.
I wasn’t paid to advertise this or anything, I just thought you may be interested in my story, and in their product.  I had never heard of it prior to 4 weeks ago, and I have already collected over 50 ounces of milk!  There are other mommies out there, I know it, who have the same physical issues I do, and I just know they will love this milk saver.  I am not a blogger, or an advertiser, or a public relations person. I am not in any way connected with their company. I am just a stay at home mommy who wants to pass on her wonderful find to be able to help some other ladies out there who are like me with this information.”


Before receiving this email, I had never heard of this company or a product like this but I definitely think there are moms out there who would be delighted to learn of it’s existence! Thanks for sharing, Rebekah!

Who Comes First?

“Sometimes the baby will cry just as the older two need you, too. It’s true outside your home and it’s true here, too — you can’t please everybody all of the time.

Make sure the baby is safe, and then take a minute to tend to your elders’ needs. They’ll remember feeling neglected if you always go to the baby first, but the baby won’t remember a thing if he cries for an extra minute. And you’ll make it up to him with extra snuggles at midnight. And 2 a.m.  And 4 a.m…”


Now I am not a fan of letting babies cry it out and certainly don’t want to debate the point, but here the author is talking about baby waiting an extra minute which is a completely different thing altogether in my opinion. Anyway, I read this today and thought, not only about putting older children first at times but also my husbad. My littles are young and need me…but if I am honest, sometimes they can wait a little! This will go a long way to ensuring that a husband knows he’s still number one even though his wife is “mommy” to needy little ones.



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Thank you for bearing with this eclectic sort of post. I’ve got lots of things going on and it simplified life to put it all into one. I’m so glad you all can’t see my desk right now. {Actually, I can’t really see it either, which is the problem!}