Ergo Baby Carrier Review

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I love it! Buy one; it’s worth every penny!

That is the short version. If you have a little more time, please read on! I was giddy with excitement when the Ergo Carrier arrived for review. I tried it on right away and fell in love; John did too. What could be better than snuggling up to mommy right?

My Babywearing Experience

I should tell you, my babywearing experience is a little limited. With my first, I tried a borrowed Snuggli and wrote off babywearing. With my second, I gave babywearing another shot when a friend lent me a Hotsling but John wasn’t crazy about being in it once he started looking around. I then bought a Baby Bjorn Active Carrier (I liked the idea of lumbar support). John was very happy and content in it. Mommy, however, was not. Since he was big from the get-go, even with lumbar support (which wasn’t really that supportive), I found it straining on my shoulders and back if I wore him for long periods and as he got heavier, short periods too.

Why Use a Baby Carrier

I loved the idea of babywearing. I love the bonding aspect and the fact that at times it is so much more convenient that a stroller. I tried using a double stroller (Chloe just turned 18 months when John arrived) but found a single stroller with a carrier more convenient most of the time. Whether you have a clingy baby, a tough-to-soothe baby or just one who is not feeling well and wants to snuggle; if you use a carrier you can generally multi-task; getting something done while soothing and comforting baby. I also found that if I was ‘wearing’ John as opposed to carrying him, I had hands free to hold Chloe’s hand and care for her better. Speaking of hands, carrying baby in a carrier means mommy’s hand is free to hold daddy’s. *bliss*

About the Ergo Baby Carrier

I didn’t know that babywearing could really be comfortable. With my experience I knew that some carriers were more comfortable than others but I didn’t know that there was a carrier that had zero discomfort associated with it!

The Ergo Baby Carrier is amazing. It is:

  • easy to put on. You can do it by yourself without a lot of fuss.
  • designed for use with babies newborn to 40lbs. (Though newborn insert if recommended for young babies).
  • comfortable to wear regardless of baby’s weight.
  • has supportive lumbar support that really works!
  • ergonomically  designed to support a correct sitting position for the baby’s hip, pelvis and spine growth*
  • designed for a variety of body types. Anyone can wear an Ergo!
  • able to transition easily from front carry to back carry and also a hip carry. Different carries because every parent, child and circumstance is different!
  • designed in a unique way; baby’s weight is distributed around your hips with super comfortable  padding on the shoulder straps which basically help to stabilize baby rather than have all the weight on them like other carriers.
  • comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Really!
  • has a sleeping hood to help support their heads if they nod off.
  • perfect for discreet nursing.*
  • extra safe. One thing that I really liked about it was that all of the clip areas have a sturdy elastic loop that you put the strap through prior to securing. In the event that it accidently comes unclipped, your baby will not just fall off!
  • made with attention to detail. The quality and workmanship is awesome.
  • something that actually does have resale value when you are finished with it. Because of the quality, this carrier will last and last and last…

Above items with an * are either from their website or what I have heard and not based on personal experience.

I’m leaning forward funny so that you get a view of Chloe.

My Personal Ergo Baby Carrier Experience

I have used my Ergo carrier for 8 weeks. During that time I don’t think I have used my stroller once (and I actually really do like my stroller!). John is 18 months and 25.5lbs. He’s busy, independent, into everything and loves the Ergo. Chloe just turned 3 and is almost 35lbs. I find the Ergo comfortable to wear with both of them and the both enjoy it. John is actually a sad little boy when I wear Chloe LOL. If I had two I could wear them both; one of front and one on the back!

Sick or Fussy: John had a period where he wasn’t feeling well and also had his eye teeth coming through. I was so thankful for the Ergo carrier. I pop him onto my back with his blankie. He is content there for as long I let him ride. I can get the house cleaned, dishes done, dinner made or I can sit and read with Chloe (3 yrs) and he is content.

Walks: I mentioned that I love my stroller (both of them), and prior to the Ergo Baby Carrier, I would put John in the stroller and off we’d go with Chloe marching along beside. Since having the Ergo Carrier, John is thrilled with it, I’m probably burning more calories (yay!) and Chloe is enjoying that mommy has a bit more freedom to venture off the trail or just hold her hand!

Shopping: Our local Sobey’s has “little carts” for shoppers in training. I love being able to put John on my back and let Chloe push our little cart, picking up the things we need and putting them in. It also keeps his little hands from grabbing things on the shelves or touching things he shouldn’t 🙂

Church: This may seem like a funny place to wear a baby but I do. My church has a nursery however my husband’s church doesn’t. John sits much happier when he is in a carrier than just on my lap. If I just hold him, we can’t make it through service but in a front carry? He snuggles up and sits quietly (mostly LOL).

I can not tell you how many times I have used this carrier in the past 8 weeks. I usually use it as a backpack but I love the flexibility and versatility of it. It is light weight and because it doesn’t have any hard frames or anything, it folds up and packs well. We are heading to France, England and Africa in May. I can only imagine how thankful I will be to have an Ergo. When we return in June you can bet I will be posting pictures of our Ergo and share how it worked for us while travelling.


In our dual income/no children days, the cost wouldn’t make me bat an eye. Due to the economy and the fact that I am now a stay-at-home mommy, our financial situation has changed dramatically and I weigh our purchases (down to the penny!) carefully. Though I received this Ergo for review at no cost to me, I truly believe that the Ergo Carrier is worth every penny. It is a worthwhile purchase that will carry you through all stages and durable enough to last multiple children.  It’s versatile, comfortable and will work beautifully long-term (up to 40lbs!). Had I known about and tried the Ergo first, I wouldn’t have bought any other carrier (especially not a Bjorn!) and I may not have even purchased a stroller. Not having a stroller sounds almost crazy in society today but honestly, this carrier really is that comfortable. If cost is a factor for your family, you could always try to find one used. I became a Ergo Baby fan on facebook and found out that Ergo offers gently used Ergo Carriers for sale at great discounts (888-416-4888). It isn’t on their website though. You have to call their office to inquire or order. They also have an auction section. Whether you buy new, used or borrow one from a friend, I think an Ergo Baby carrier is a baby essential!


Thank you Ergo Baby for the privilege of reviewing one of your amazing carriers!


  1. I agree! The people I nannied for last year had one and I used it all the time! I used it with a newborn with the newborn insert and it was great. It was also easy to take off without waking a sleeping baby.

  2. This is an extremely well done review!! Good job!! I wish I had had a great carrier when my babies were younger… would have made life a lot easier! I carried them around everywhere in my arms.

  3. Great post, we are in the process of looking for a back carrier, we currently use a baby hawk and want one for Daddy and the Ergo is our top choice.

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  5. Thank you for posting this review! I’d been trying whether or not to spend the money on an Ergo because my daughter is already 15 months old, but I think I will because I need something to carry her on my back in. It’s great to know that it’s good for toddlers, too! Thanks again! (I have a bjorn too and it kill my shoulders!)

    • Yes, my Bjorn was a shoulder killer for sure. Chloe is 3 1/2 and John is 2 and we still use ours all the time for hikes, sight-seeing etc. If we have another little one, I’ll buy a second Ergo!

      If you didn’t want to go new; they have used ones or you could check craigslist etc. I’m a SAHM and we watch our finances carefully. There are a lot of baby gizmos and gadgets out there that I’d say were unnecessary but honestly, the Ergo isn’t one of them!

  6. I just called ErgoBaby and ordered a gently used carrier for a huge discount. Thank you for the blog and the tip.

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