Preparing My Garden


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Monday morning {as usual}, I am putting things back in order after the weekend. I do very little on the weekends; usually only the essentials. I also have a Bunwich order to prepare and then I am heading to Dragonfly Landscape to order the triple mix needed for our first ever vegetable garden.

I plan to have the soil delivered on Tuesday since we are supposed to have nice weather for the remainder of the week. I can haul the dirt back into the garden and hope to be able to start planting on Thursday!

Last year we made good use of the farmers markets and ate well all summer.We are blessed to live in an amazing area where local fruits and vegetables are grown all around us! We were also able to can a lot of pickles (both dill & sweet) and peaches. We froze plenty of fruit as well.

This year I hope to have many wonderful things from our own garden. I would love for my home to sing with the sounds of excitement as little people pick carrots from our own garden, wash them in the hose and enjoy their wonderful crispness! {Oh, the memories of my childhood and Gramma’s garden!}

  • Make wooden frame for garden area; a raised garden because of the soil in our neighborhood.
  • Cover{open} bottom with plastic to kill weeks.
  • Remove plastic, cover with {biodegradable} cardboard to help prevent weeds coming up.
  • Fill garden with soil.
  • Then plant? We’re thinking herbs, carrots, cucumbers and zucchini? Not entirely sure what we should start with. I would love potatoes but they are not a good choice since the garden is raised and is only about 10 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet high.

Anyone care to share some gardening tips and advice? Love to hear it!


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  1. I don’t know much about gardening. However, my friend planted zucchini and she planted so much that she had a hard time giving it away she said. I also heard that you don’t want to plant potatoes in the ground, as apparently they will spread and you’ll never got rid of them. (I don’t know if this is true or not).

    I think it’s cool you’re planting a garden. I wanted to have one sometime, but just haven’t got around to it yet. Thank you for linking up today!

    ~ Nan

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