I Have a Real Clothesline

My Handyman hard at work.

Happy Earth Day

In honor of earth day last year I posted More Green = More Green $$. I had planned a clothesline but alas, the closest thing that I came to it was my homemade string from fence to swing set. It was functional, though not convenient or easy to use.


This year, in honor of earth day, I have real clothesline! A big thank you for Charles, the handy Scot, who put it up for me today.

Brantford Handyman

If you are looking for a handyman in Brantford area I highly recommend Charles, the Handy Scot. You can reach him at charles {at} tomiMinistries {dot} net.

He’s fast. I contacted him today about noon and he was at my house at 2pm for an estimate and done before 5pm. Amazing!

He’s accommodating. I wanted a clothesline as well as the the gaps under the fence taken care of. He came, had a look, went and got the needed materials, came back and did it all! That was such a blessing. It saved me from having to make a trip to the hardware store and the lumber store with two littles in tow and trying to figure out what I needed to buy.

His rates are reasonable! I was able to honestly share my budget with him and we were able to get everything done within it. Hurray! He also didn’t bat an eye when I paid him all in change I’d saved from my cupcake orders.

He’s friendly. This was one of my favorite things about him. John took to him like a little shadow. John sat and watched Charles work then followed him about the yard. He never got too close or touched, just chattered away and kept saying, “Hi!” And each time John said hi, Charles said hi back.

No Job Too Small! I wasn’t sure he would be interested in my little “clothesline” project but he assured me that it was the perfect size project. He offers discounts to seniors and is available for all sorts of handyman jobs indoors and out!

He’s a Christian! You can read his testimony or visit his website. He is also a children’s entertainer with puppets and such. Isn’t that neat?


(John eating his snack, talking away)

I’ll definitely be keeping his email address charles {at} tomiMinistries {dot} net handy in case something else comes up!

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  1. I want a clothesline so badly! I’m hoping once John’s foot heals that he can put one up, a real one like the one you have now!

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