PlantSnap on Our Walk

Today is an overcast Thursday; warm, but not humid or hot, thankfully. It’s the perfect go-for-a-walk-day. Well, I actually have one child who believes that every day is a go-for-a-walk-day, which is untrue but we go regardless.

So I sliced up cheese and kielbasa then put them into containers. I tucked them into a bag with a sleeve of crackers and off we went.

Our first trail we only walked down a bit. It’s a lovely wooded trail with a bridge over a little waterfall. But with the overcast weather, the imminent rain and the leafy, wooded area, there were too many mosquitoes. After about 20 minutes, we decided to take a short drive to another trail that was less close and closed in.

This wider, more breezy trail has picnic tables along the route; the perfect place for our picnic snack, which we started with. Then we headed off on walk number two.

This walk involved eating a few wild mulberries, a few more wild raspberries and a even more Pennsylvania blackberries.

Pennsylvania Blackberry

We had walked this trail earlier this week with a friend. She introduced me to an app called PlantSnap, which is so neat for identifying plants and trees. You snap a picture (above) and it tells you what it is. Just look at this screenshot below. It’s the result from the picture I took. Neat, huh? You can also read more about the plant or tree by scrolling down.

PlantSnap Pennsylvania Blackberry

It was around this time then it started to rain. Thankfully, rain doesn’t particularly bother my kids. It doesn’t bother ducks either. We found a mama duck and her five tiny fluff ball babies. They were so sweet. We hurried along though, we certainly didn’t want to worry the mama.

We were also able to spot a great big frog, throw some rocks and then we came upon this. It’s a turtle nest protection box. So neat. Previously we have found turtle eggs that had hatched in the sand. This area seemed rather rocky to me but maybe it’s a different type of turtle. We will have to look it up.

Turtle Nest Protection Box

I love that there are so many wonderful places that are fairly close to us that we are able to enjoy, explore and learn about nature.