March Break as a #KinderMom

Chloe (5), John (3) and I are super excited about March break. Isaac (9 months) doesn’t care. As a homeschooling family (JK intermittently as of late), March break may have just passed us by but my parents invited our family and my sister’s family to go away with them for two nights to a nearby city. I’m not sure if the tots are more excited about the pool/waterslide or the fact that their 5 cousins will be there! We went away all together for March Break in 2011 and had a blast; I’m sure this year will be the same.

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Road Trip

Visit the library for some books CD or new kids song CD’s. Something new is exciting for everyone – even mommy! I also like to visit the thrift store for a few new books to bring along. {I don’t borrow and bring library books because I’m concerned we’d misplace them.}

Pack snacks for fun and save money. When everyone starts to get antsy, break out some licorice. It will also save money when you make a bathroom stop and don’t pay astronomical prices from the vending machine. {I may surprise our tots with some Kinder Surprise on our March break!}

Play games! License plate games were something my husband and I played before the tots came along. Spell words out of the letters in the plate in front of you. We also had car tag and played scavenger hunt. Eye Spy is a classic as is Padiddle but one of my tots all time favorites is singing. It’s only fun though if everyone joins in. ”Down by the bay…” anyone?

We’re not travelling too far this March break but if you are, make sure you stop for frequent stretches and let your tots run around to get the blood flowing again. Part of the fun is getting there!


Pool Play

A life jacket on each of my tots means that they can have a little more freedom around the pool and it gives me a little more peace of mind. {and saves some grey hairs from emerging.}

Take flip flips or sandals for walking to and from the pool or around the pool. If you ask my husband he will tell you I have serious issues. He’s right, but they are justified. When I was in grade 8, I got planters warts from a pool. It took a year of weekly visits to the doctor for freezing before they were gone. It was painful and embarrassing. Wet cement can be a breeding ground so why not take this little precaution?

Breastfeeding at the pool? I’m wearing a Roxy Rashguard and shorts {thanks Keith & Jazz}. The top will enable me to nurse Isaac as usual without having to manipulate a suit out of the way.

Making a Plan

It’s best to have a general idea of where your stops are going to be as you travel. It’s a really good idea to book your stay in advance! {I remember sitting in the car as dad went in to see rates and availability and even as a child, I could pick up on the stress when that happened…} We’re going to London; our room(s) are booked. We have an idea of what is around for close meals.

It’s also a good idea to have a general plan for the day. We know the hours and admission prices for the London Children’s Museum as well as for Storybook Gardens. But truthfully, we plan to spend most of our days playing at the pool; children splashing, adults chatting – just taking it easy!

Just Staying Home?

I know many will be enjoying March Break at home but you can still make it a special time for your family.

Start off right with a special breakfast. Make something you only would serve on special occasions, eat something un-breakfast-y just for fun {sundaes anyone?}. What about serving breakfast somewhere different each day? Picnic on the kitchen floor, under the dining room table or serve breakfast in bed. The kids will have a blast.

Check out what programs your local library is running through this time. I bet they have something special on! Your local pool/rink may offer a free swim/skate time during the week as well.

Want more ideas? I’ve got 23 Rainy Day ideas just for you!

A Staycation with Kinder

Take a minute to check out the KINDER® Canada Facebook page for a peek at the 2012 toy collection, great conversation, and exclusive monthly contests through the My Kinder Moments application – this February they’re giving away $500 towards the ultimate staycation!

What are you doing for March break? How are you going to make it special?

  • Water Safety: Dangerous Waters
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