Sizzling Summer: 23 Rainy Day Ideas

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We’ve had some rain around these parts. Ugh. It’s summer and we want to be outside but rain does happen. Don’t let it dampen your summer fun! Use these ideas to have a great summer vacation regardless of the weather!


  1. Build Forts – eat snacks in your tent, play silly games and read in there too!
  2. Make Play Doh. This was already on my list but since writing this post, Amanda at Mommy’s Idea Book did a post on it so you may want to read it for ideas!)
  3. Visit the Library (I know, rain or shine, summer or winter, this is always on my list LOL)
  4. Bake something Fun. Use food coloring, sprinkles etc.
  5. PJ Day – Gotta love these!
  6. Pop Popcorn and watch a Movie
  7. Board Games for those who are bored (Ha, I’m funny today!)
  8. Play Hide and Seek
  9. Do a scavenger Hunt
  10. Declare it Backwards Day. Wear clothing backwards, switch up your meals and have breakfast for lunch and lunch for breakfast. Maybe you could eat under the table instead of on it. Trust me  -they’ll love it!
  11. Play Dress Up
  12. Obstical Course: create an indoor course with chairs, pillows etc.
  13. Fun Crafts (My caterpillars were a big hit)
  14. Rainy Day Box: This requires prep work on your part to collect items and store them in a box (some new coloring pages, a sticker book, puzzels, a card game they haven’t played in a while, silly putty etc.) and dig it out on those rainy days. My mom always had these for when we were camping and it rained.
  15. Play What Floats? Compliments of Erin at Closing Time
  16. Pizza Maker! Make home-made individual pizzas and let everyone ‘decorate’ their own.
  17. Sock Puppets: make them and put on a show using a sheet to create a stage. (I’ve never done this but it sounded good!)
  18. Have a talent show. My Chloe is a very talented Ballerina! She has won many awards at our rainy day shows.
  19. Play follow the leader (this works great with the girls who are 2)
  20. Play “school” if they are older but not old enough that they actually attend because then they might not go for it. I loved playing school – I always got to be teacher because I was the oldest!
  21. Have an indoor picnic. Pack up your basket and blanket and have your lunch somewhere unusual in the house.
  22. Make a home movie. I’ve not done this with our littles but we often did it when I was growing up! Or you could watch one you already made.
  23. Have a shower – Outside in your Bathing Suit! This of course depends on if there is thunder/lightening and what the temperature is. To make it extra fun you could try putting a bucket on your head or playing with an umbrella.

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Here are a few other links to some great ideas:

Do you have some fun rainy day ideas? Please share!


  1. I just found your blog for the first time via WFMW. These are great ideas! My girls love building forts (they call them houses) and anything like that!! The library is always a hit with us too!

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