33 Things About Me

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Today is my birthday. In case you wondered, I’m 33. You can read 31 Things About Me from my 31st birthday if you are interested. I’ll add on two more.

32. When I shower in the morning, I start at the top with my hair and and wash down to my toes. If I mix up the order at all, I either get confused and wash something twice or I wash a part with the wrong thing. {think face washing with shampoo – eesh!}

33. I’m a sucker for happily ever after. I don’t really like watching a movie if it’s not going to end with sunshine and lollipops. My husband always tells me that real life isn’t all about sunshine and lollipops but I tell him movies aren’t real life!

We’re having steak for dinner with yummy zucchini fritters. Daddy takes dinner requests on birthdays and that was mine.

Happy Birthday to me!

{Yes, the photo is 6 months old but I take the photos so I’m not in that many of them. Can you relate?}

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