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Children Are a Privilege

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Chloe reading to us. This morning we had medical appointments to get to. I should have gotten our things ready the night before but I didn’t. {Isn’t that often the case?!?} The morning was a little rushed and hairy. By the time I got all three children into the van, put Isaac’s wheelchair in and […]

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Why Are Family Traditions Important?

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Your Family Has Traditions Whether or not you set out to create them, your family has traditions. Some you have intentionally continued on, having had them passed down to you, some you may have purposely started with your family and others you have cultivated by your unintentional actions or inaction. Why Traditions? Traditions, of course, […]

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Your Choices Won’t Let Me

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Photo Credit Sky Noir If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? ~Matthew 7:11 My pastor preached on the promises of God throughout the year last year. I found it encouraging […]

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Raising Money for an Orphanage

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In the spring Chloe asked about having a bake sale. Of course the summer whizzed past and we were into fall. She asked again, and we made the plans. Chloe (6) was going to handle the bake sale side of things and John (5) was going to man an ice tea station. We would put […]

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9.15.13 It’s Sunday; God’s day, a beautiful day. And the beauty of it has nothing to do with the weather, though it’s actually a nice crisp fall day. Life is so full of blessings and my heart is full of thankfulness. These three; oh how they fill me with thankfulness, delight and joy. They also […]

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Tiny Tidbits 8.13

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*John and Chloe were invited as guests to a Vacation Bible School. John and Chloe were in separate classes, which hardly happens since they are only 1 grade apart and then, since they are both younger than their friends, they weren’t even in their friends classes. I asked John if he had made new friends. […]

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A Canadian Girl with An American Girl

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{so not the best picture of John but ah, well! Pictures of the weekend Chloe and Chrissa met} Chloe has been saving her money in her bank account forever…or it seems that way anyway. We started giving her an allowance at the age of four. She was a natural saver from the very beginning. Then […]

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Allowance in Our Family

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Why an Allowance? We have always given our children offering for church; “money for Jesus” they have called it since they could first speak and tottle off to their toddler class. Usually it was a quarter – sometimes two. One Sunday afternoon I found John playing with a quarter and questioned him as to where […]

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Isaac’s Birth Story

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Two years ago today, I woke up in the wee hours of morning in labor. {With all three children, labour started between 1am and 3am – neat huh?.}. I was beyond excited. Chloe’s labour was 36 hours start to finish but John’s was less than 5! I was expecting Isaac to arrive soon so I […]

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Making Whoopie Pies

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My tots love baking. Mommy The tots love to eat said baking. Isaac is particularly in love with watching the mixer spin around and around. Baking with littles is fun, time-consuming and messy. It’s also worth it. {did I mention it was messy?} Side note: The messy kitchen? That wasn’t actually from the Whoopie Pie […]

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