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Little Denim Bucket DIY

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I’m not a sewer. But I saw this tutorial for simple denim bags (or storage-y buckets) out of recycled jeans and thought perhaps I could do that. More importantly, I was pretty sure my daughter could. Chloe asked for a sewing kit for her birthday and I purchased a very simple one for her. I […]

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DIY Felted Dryer Balls

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I hang much of our clothing and dry others on our indoor drying rack. At our previous home we had built a clothes line but I haven’t done that here; we’ve talked about putting up a clothesline drying tree here but have yet to do it. Regardless of all that, I still love the dryer […]

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How To: Make an Old Window into a Mirror

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When I found this lovely old window, I immediately knew I wanted to do something with it. What? I had no idea! I’m not a super creative person, I don’t have decorative flair and I’m not a talented DIY-er. I know that Pinterest is filled with lots of interesting ideas but I’m also a bit […]

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9.15.13 It’s Sunday; God’s day, a beautiful day. And the beauty of it has nothing to do with the weather, though it’s actually a nice crisp fall day. Life is so full of blessings and my heart is full of thankfulness. These three; oh how they fill me with thankfulness, delight and joy. They also […]

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Making A Tire Swing

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A few weeks ago, we decided to make a tire swing. Our previous home was in a new subdivision with NO trees. Our current home as wonderful, big maples and elms – just begging for a tire to be hung. I visited our local Canadian Tire and asked if they had any used tires that […]

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