It’s Sunday; God’s day, a beautiful day. And the beauty of it has nothing to do with the weather, though it’s actually a nice crisp fall day. Life is so full of blessings and my heart is full of thankfulness.

These three; oh how they fill me with thankfulness, delight and joy. They also puzzle me, frustrate me and exhaust me. They stretch me and cause me to run to the Savior like I never have before in my life! They are so precious!

This month I also think about the little one that might have been, that wasn’t, but still is – if that makes any sense? That little baby was a good thing, though I have yet to hold him. He would have been 7 this month.

And this frame white frame? Love it! I found it on the curb on garbage day. SCORE!! Of course I scooped it up, sure I would have just the place for it in our medium-sized, sometimes small house. I love our house. It would seem that this frame is the perfect prop for taking pictures!

And I have just the place to store it! Our home has a lovely closed in porch that is the perfect place for the children’s footwear and clothing. I purchased some pine boards, stained them ‘natural’ and bought some hooks. I recruited DH to actually assemble it on the wall since I have a tendency to not bother with a level, which greatly bothers him. Anyway, together we measured out the spaces on the board and hung up the hooks. Apparently we should go back to school because our math turned out to be not quite right and I have to go buy another hook for the end.

So there you go. A garbage find, a DIY tutorial and some cute pictures all in one post.

May you have a blessed day my friends!


And completely unrelated but my big girl has been in the same Sunday School class for 3 years now with a wonderful teacher, whom I love (3yrs – K class) and today she graduated to the next class. Time does fly because it seems like not that long ago that I was just introducing her to her first class! *sniff, sniff*

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