What’s Essential?

Photo by Plakboek

It’s time to head to head out to church on Wednesday night. My tire is flat. Right, I knew that. It’s a slow leak that I forgot to have fixed. Boo! So I pull out the air compressor, plug it into the cigarette lighter of the van and start pumping away. Well, apparently that is too much for my little fuse and wouldn’t you know it, I blow it. {Thanks daddy for teaching me where to find the fuse box and how to know if it’s blown.} So I don’t have any extra fuses so I borrow the “power locks” fuse so I can at least partially finish putting enough air in the tire to get to the gas station to finish up inflating it so I can then get to church. I mean really, I shouldn’t have to use power locks in a church parking lot anyway. After church, I stopped at Canadian Tire, bought the fuse I needed (with some extras for the glove compartment!) and now have both power locks and a working cigarette lighter. The air compressor is on my front seat; tomorrow I’ll go have the leak in my tire fixed.

Where am I going with all of this, you are wondering? My husband wonders that often so you aren’t alone!

Well, as I was pondering which fuse had the same amperage as the blown fuse and what things I could do without in order to borrow the fuse from that spot for the blown one which was essential {at the moment}, I realized how very much like life that is.

Some seasons I can balance more than others. Some seasons I can accomplish a lot; I don’t really need to do too much paring down in my life. Before my fuse blew, I didn’t have to make a choice with what to do without something. I could have my cigarette lighter (for the AC compressor!) and also use my power locks.

Other seasons, maybe due to health issues, illness or in this period of time with young tots {or maybe you have something else in your life!}, I am finding that I  have to cut back what I’ve got on my agenda, my home,  sometimes my budget…you get the idea. At this point, I go back to the basics, establish what is essential. In those other seasons – what can I live without so that I can ensure that what I need is functional?

Really, what is essential and what luxuries we can work in change frequently, maybe even on a daily basis! I know in this season of littles, someone is often sick or we’ve had a rough night. On those days, our schedule looks a whole lot different that when everyone is healthy and has plenty of sleep. Sometimes the question I ask myself is “what will matter years from now?” but other days I simply ask myself “what do I need to do to make it through today?”

But going back to the fuse panel,  you know know what really struck me about essentials? Nothing works without the fuse.

It doesn’t matter what season of life I am in, I need the Lord and I need to be in His Word. Sometimes my time with the Lord will be deep, insightful and lingering. Other times I may only be able to read a verse or two, while making breakfast, with a baby on my hip. Ya, and I’m not even kidding. But big or small, what matters is that I am allowing Him to pour His life into mine every day though His Word!

Creative quiet times…or not-so-quiet times – a post in the making? Maybe! I’d love to hear your thoughts!