What’s Essential?

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Photo by Plakboek It’s time to head to head out to church on Wednesday night. My tire is flat. Right, I knew that. It’s a slow leak that I forgot to have fixed. Boo! So I pull out the air compressor, plug it into the cigarette lighter of the van and start pumping away. Well, […]

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A Real Play Date and Emotional Cups

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It’s been a few weeks since I had the opportunity to go to the Mom Heart Conference. I’m still processing, working through and implementing the things I heard and learned. I’m a slow processor. Something that I came home from the conference mulling over was about my ‘children’s emotional cup’. Now let me start by […]

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A Compliment for Mommy

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The other day as I was helping my tots get into their snow clothes to go outside to play {for all too short a time before coming in to get undressed because it’s cold}, Chloe looked at me and said, Mommy, my favorite thing about you is your face. It’s beautiful because it always has […]

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Peace in My Relationships

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source Does it really matter in the long run? How important is this to me? I’ve been mentally asking myself these questions and choosing peace over confrontation more often. I’m trying to be more patient. I’m trying to say yes more often; to embrace the day. I want to inspire, encourage and love! I want […]

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Peace with Myself

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Source I’m not always happy with myself. How about you? Oh, I’m not talking about the fact that I am never happy with my hair {a whole other story}. I’m talking about inside me. I have a tendency to want to do it all; to have expectations of myself that are too lofty or unrealistic. […]

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Peace With God

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Source With each decision I make, big or small, I want to remember that His opinion matters; that it is the only opinion that matters! My time, my resources, my all – is given to me as a gift from Him. I want to please the Lord above all else. But sometimes I forget that. […]

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