Peace With God

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With each decision I make, big or small, I want to remember that His opinion matters; that it is the only opinion that matters! My time, my resources, my all – is given to me as a gift from Him.

I want to please the Lord above all else. But sometimes I forget that. {Gasp!}

It’s easy to fritter my time away, have a bad attitude, indulge in a pity party, be selfish – and the list goes on. None of these are big issues but it’s these little things that cause disquiet in my soul; that put distance between my Savior and I. These little things can easily creep in and steal my peace. 

I want to be at peace with Him always. I want every choice to be intentional and to intentionally choose the right attitude and action. I want to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and as He pricks my heart, so that when I fail (for I will!) I can confess immediately and reclaim that peace with Him.