Making A Tire Swing

Make A Tire Swing

A few weeks ago, we decided to make a tire swing. Our previous home was in a new subdivision with NO trees. Our current home as wonderful, big maples and elms – just begging for a tire to be hung.

I visited our local Canadian Tire and asked if they had any used tires that they were throwing out. Apparently they have a whole lot and are happy for you to take them off your hands. Yay for free tires. The rope cost me $7 and we raced home to put it up immediately.

Since I had managed to score 50 ft of rope for $7, I had enough to go through the swing, over the branch and repeat. I would like to interject here that despite what my husband said in his post {link below}, this swing was very, very secure!

The children had a blast and spent the remaining day and the following days swinging away. But when DH got home that evening, I wondered if perhaps we could put a hook and a metal ring in the set up so that we could remove the swing if we wanted. DH took up the challenge and found the perfect hardware for the job but I’ll let him tell you about it…

My husband put up a post about the logistics of our swing here.

{But just to reiterate – my initial swing was completely secure and my children were never in any sort of danger!}

I had a tire swing as a kid. How about you?