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A Real Play Date and Emotional Cups

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It’s been a few weeks since I had the opportunity to go to the Mom Heart Conference. I’m still processing, working through and implementing the things I heard and learned. I’m a slow processor. Something that I came home from the conference mulling over was about my ‘children’s emotional cup’. Now let me start by […]

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Off to the Mom Heart Conference 2012

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Last fall a friend of mine, Brianna {Heart(h) Management}, whom I have never met in real life, invited me to attend Mom Heart. I’d never heard of it and had barely heard of Sally Clarkson. On a whim, I said yes all those months ago and today I find myself boarding a plane, heading off […]

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How To? New Years Eve with Tots

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I don’t think I have ever posted about our New Years Eve Tradition. It started in 2008. Chloe was 23 months. We wanted to do something special but when you have a little one, you don’t want to be out too late. We invited a few friends over and had our own little bash. This […]

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God’s Hidden Gems

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 Photo Credit In a castle so grand, There lived a sweet lass; Who flopped on her bed, And picked up her looking glass. She sighed at the image, And wrinkled her face; She lowered her head, And cried in disgrace. "Oh my nose is too big And my hair looks like straw!" As she sat […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

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   Photo by Chloe Motherhood isn’t easy. Not if you’re doing it right! Motherhood isn’t about happiness, though it is a byproduct sometimes. But motherhood is a beautiful calling, a blessed privilege, an amazing opportunity, an incredible responsibility and the rewards of it are like no other! How wonderful to have a special day to […]


Mud My Day

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Spring. Mud. Children. FUN! I loved mud as a child. We lived in the country so no paved driveway for us. A nightmare for my parents perhaps but a delight for us as children! While mud doesn’t give me quite the same thrill as it used to, watching my children enjoy it definitely does make […]

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Peeking Through My Window

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Source I began preparing for March break in February. Alas, March break crept up fast and life being as it is, I was not as prepared as I had planned to be for our March Break trip. I forgot a few important things – like my beloved pillow and the new library books. What is […]

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A Compliment for Mommy

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The other day as I was helping my tots get into their snow clothes to go outside to play {for all too short a time before coming in to get undressed because it’s cold}, Chloe looked at me and said, Mommy, my favorite thing about you is your face. It’s beautiful because it always has […]

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Peace Without Guilt

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When Isaac was admitted to the NICU at the hospital in a neighboring city, we didn’t know how long he would be there. I wasn’t breastfeeding because he didn’t have the stamina for bottle or breast. I was pumping and he was fed through a tube. I felt that I needed to be with him. […]

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Peace in My Relationships

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source Does it really matter in the long run? How important is this to me? I’ve been mentally asking myself these questions and choosing peace over confrontation more often. I’m trying to be more patient. I’m trying to say yes more often; to embrace the day. I want to inspire, encourage and love! I want […]

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