God’s Hidden Gems

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In a castle so grand,
There lived a sweet lass;
Who flopped on her bed,
And picked up her looking glass.

She sighed at the image,
And wrinkled her face;
She lowered her head,
And cried in disgrace.

"Oh my nose is too big
And my hair looks like straw!"
As she sat there and stared
The more flaws that she saw.

Till she heard a still, quiet voice,
Speak softly to her ear,
"My sweet little girl
To me you are so dear”.

“The greatest of my treasures,
I cherish and I hide;
For the true beauty worth finding
Is always on the inside.

My sweet little girl
Look to the ocean blue.
Deep, deep down to the bottom,
Way down to the goo.

There is a wee clam,
So plain as can be;
You might even say
She’s nothing to see.

But inside her modest shell
Sits a gem so rare,
A pearl, round and shiny,
That only I could put there.

Look further little one
Out your castle so fine,
Over the grassy green hills
To that dusty old mine.

Watch as the men enter in
To go deep down in the ground,
With their axe in hand,
Hoping jewels to be found.

A diamond, a pearl,
So cherished and a pleasure.
But a heart that loves Me,
Now that is true treasure.

She turned from her window
And picked up her mirror,
Gazed again at her image
And said loud and clear:

" I am beautiful in Christ.
He made me who I am.
He is not finished forming me,
For I am HIS special gem!

Its not about the mirror…Its about the ONE we are mirroring ♥
Written by Sandra Taylor for Our sweet little girl Heidi Faith