A Canadian Girl with An American Girl

American Girl

{so not the best picture of John but ah, well! Pictures of the weekend Chloe and Chrissa met}

Chloe has been saving her money in her bank account forever…or it seems that way anyway. We started giving her an allowance at the age of four. She was a natural saver from the very beginning.

Then the catalogue arrived a few weeks back. I don’t know where they got our name and address but the bright, glossy pages of the American Girl catalogue immediately captivated my beautiful little girl.

And then she told me she wanted to buy one. with.her.own. money.

Wow. It’s a lot of money Chloe. Think about it Chloe. Really think about it.

Scott and I talked about it. What is she saving her money for, if not to spend on something she really, really wants? I mean as she gets older, I hope she will be saving for college and the like – however she’s six and I just want her to be learning about saving, thinking about big purchases and understanding that when you save your money up for a big purchase and then spend that money, then it is gone.

She understood. And she thought about it for weeks.

Then we made the purchase. That BIG purchase – an American girl – along with some extra Dollie and Me matching outfits.

She was beyond ecstatic. I guess we will see where this goes. Either her and Chrissa will be inseparable and this will be an incredible purchase or it will be a very expensive lesson learned. Only time will tell.

Has your child ever made a purchase that you wondered about?