Peace in My Relationships

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Does it really matter in the long run? How important is this to me? I’ve been mentally asking myself these questions and choosing peace over confrontation more often. I’m trying to be more patient. I’m trying to say yes more often; to embrace the day. I want to inspire, encourage and love!

I want to choose others over myself. I want to sacrifice my time and wants, and pour out myself for my family and for other; to invest my time where it matters – in people.

I want to look beyond today to the great beyond of the future. How will this choice affect me then; my husband, my children? I want to see things in perspective.

Especially with my children, I want to be consistent. I want to do what I say I will do and for them to know exactly what they can expect from me.

I want to choose people over housework. It sounds like a funny statement to have to declare but far too often, I have the mindset that I will get the house in order and then I will read to them, play with them, and enjoy them. But sometimes the day goes by and before you know it, its bedtime and I haven’t accomplished those things that are most important to me.

Lord, help me to love my family better. Help me to love people as you do.