Babywearing: Sleepy Wrap

Boba Sleepy Wrap Babywearing 

Mommy and Isaac {20+ lbs @ 8 months}

I had the privilege of reviewing a  Boba 2G Organic earlier this year. I loved it and thought it worked wonderfully despite Isaac being so young. But between the hypotonia and neck weakness, last summer I decided to try a wrap for the first time ever. Being so happy with the Boba carrier, naturally I purchased their Sleepy Wrap {now just called Boba Wrap}.

I just want to say that I love it! I love everything about my Sleepy Wrap from the fabric {soft, cuddly, breathable} to the easy-to-follow instructions for wear, to the fit of it. While long-term (all day hike etc.), it doesn’t have the same comfort level as a more structured carrier {since Isaac is over 20 pounds now!}, I comfortably wear him for a few hours at a time and we’re both happy.

I wrap it on me

I pop him in

He snuggles in and is content {easy-peasy}

Sometimes I tuck his head in, cozy and supported, and he dozes off. Other times I  let him peek around or tilt his head up to watch me. He’s at just the right level for me to kiss him constantly and I love to look down on him, nestled in there.

I was always scared of wraps. They didn’t seem secure enough to hold baby and the whole wrapping thing seemed really confusing. Let me assure you that neither is the case and you really have to try one! They’re actually pretty economical too.

Today I snapped this picture of the two of us enjoying each other and wanted to give a big shout-out to Boba and babywearing!

How do you wear your baby?

  • My wrap was purchased with my own money. This isn’t a sponsored post.
  • I’ve been using and loving this wrap now for 6 months!!
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