Five Minute Friday: Catch

Catching Fall

Three doctors appointments on three different days last week. Rinse and repeat for this week. Fall is flying by, life is flying by, these sweet baby days are flying by. And all I seem to be doing lately is trying to catch up; the laundry, the dishes, the dusting…

Until yesterday. Perfect Yesterday.

I woke in the darkness, nursed the baby and chose to have quiet time amidst a less-than-quiet morning happening around me. We got ready for the day, ate our breakfast, and did school in Chloe’s bed. Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater was on our reading list. We baked a pumpkin {one of our fall decorations} , roasted the seeds and went for a walk. Lunch, nap, and play. Pumpkin pancakes for dinner.

What did I do? I caught the little ones in my arms and time slowed down. I had my quiet time with the Lord first, not after. I focused on essentials; feeding our family, a little laundry, a {mostly} tidy kitchen.

What didn’t I do? A whole lot. The bedrooms weren’t cleaned to perfection. The kitchen floor needs to be washed and there are piles of clean laundry waiting for me today in my room.

But I took time to catch the little moments; the sunshine, baby coos, smiles of discovery on our walk, and the satisfied look on my tots faces as they devoured the pumpkin pancakes that they helped make from scratch, start to finish.

Catch It! After months of hospitals and appointments and the go-go-go mentality, I’m catching it again; the importance of slowing down, savoring life, of being flexible. It doesn’t have to take all day but it does require being intentional and not letting the day slip by. What is important to  you? A walk, reading a story, snuggle time? Get it in there! Just one small thing goes a long way towards making your day feel that it was a success!

 I purpose to catch the big ‘small moments’ of the day and make them count. Are you with me?

  • I’m participating in Five Minute Friday since 5 minutes seems to be about all I have these days!


  1. “Just one small thing goes a long way towards making your day feel that it was a success!”

    Well said! Very true! Simplicity at its best 🙂

  2. Jennifer,

    I love that you took the day to just enjoy your family and the little moments. I also feel like I am often catching up with life, but God has given us our families to enjoy and be apart of.

    What a great post and a great reminder of what is important in life.

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