Ode de Isaac (How to Settle the Baby)

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{Sing to the tune of “on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese…”}

Sweet little Isaac
You seem very sad.
The more you keep crying
The more you seem mad.
I’ll give you a bath then,
So you will be clean.
Perhaps it will calm you,
And then you won’t scream.
I’ll run nice warm water,
And we will get in.
I’ll wash your big belly,
And your cute double chin.
I’ll wash up your arms then,
And both of your feet.
I’ll wash down your back next,
Right down to your seat.
I’ll scrub up your neck rolls,
And wash both of your ears.
Then using the facecloth,
I’ll wipe up your tears.
The screaming has stopped now,
Your bath is all done.
You’re smiley and happy,
I guess you had fun.
I’ll dry you all off now,
and then get you dressed.
It’s bedtime for Isaac,
Since I need a rest!!

Sometimes the baby is crying and nothing seems to help. Going for a walk or a drive isn’t always practical with two additional tots in tow – especially depending on the time of night.

Isaac seems to settle with singing and warm baths. Making up rhyming songs saves my sanity and the singing settles baby. I’ve always had a thing for rhyming {ask my husband – I think it drives him nuts}. When Isaac starts to cry and cry and cry, stimulating my brain to think up rhyming words helps distract me and helps me not to get frustrated.  I’m calm which helps Isaac as does the soothing singing. {Did you sing my favorite things}.

What do you do when baby cries?!?


    • It’s so neat to take them in with you because then you can really fill the tub and they really enjoy the floating and freedom. Since you’re right in the tub, just supporting their head is enough, the rest of him will float 🙂

  1. Well! I’m thoroughly impressed! You have great talent! 😉 What a sweet song. I hope your little family is doing well.

    • Each of my children have a specific song I made up for them when they were babies. Even at 3 and 4, they’ll still ask from time to time for me to sing it to them. My DH also has a song he remembers his mom making up specifically about him. Funny how songs and tunes stick with you through the years 🙂

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