Tot School: Bean Bag Toss

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I know the one picture of John is super blurry but you can still see the look of joy and delight on his little face; he just got it in the basket! You may or may not have noticed that my weekly Tot School post has been missing. We’ve all been under the weather a […]

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Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts

I love The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, especially their ads. A funny thing to like magazine ads but there are so many interesting ones and I discover many wonderful resources through them. What is Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts? In the fall issue of TOS, I discovered Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts. I immediately visited the website, read the testimonials […]

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Tot School: Sick Chloe, Sweet John

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Sick Chloe (4yrs) Sick Chloe Wednesday Chloe complained of a sore tummy, shortly thereafter was vomiting and let’s just say it was a L-O-N-G week and we both missed out on a lot of sleep. I’d like to tell you that we spend lots of time cuddling and reading books and bonding, educational things but […]

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Tot School: March Break Getaway

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My parents invited my littles and I to their time-share condo in Collingwood, ON for a few days over March break. My sister and her five boys were there as well. What a getaway we had. There was craft time for the tots, a play area in the clubhouse, a pool and outdoor play equipment. […]

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Tot School: Little Life Lessons

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Washing Dishes Daily life is full of lessons and fun when you have tots. We washed the dishes (just the plastic ones), played with bubbles and enjoyed ourselves. They love water but even more than that, they love to help mommy. It doesn’t matter what the job, they feel it’s important. May they always keep […]

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Tot School: C is for Cupcake

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We’re working on C from Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve this week. The Letter “C” In November I shared that Chloe didn’t know her ABC’s. Around that time, Chloe started expressing an interest in spelling her name and lately she’s been “writing stories” on her Manga Doodle. They just look like little scribbles but […]

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Tot School: Nesting Blocks

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Coloring Chloe got a couple giant coloring pads from Oma for her birthday last month; Pooh. This week we exchanged it for a Princess one and John picked out a Cars one. We did some special coloring pages to decorate Nana’s door to welcome her home. Chloe did fantastic, coloring inside the lines quite well […]

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Tot School: Sick Days

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Last week Chloe and John both came down with fevers and the following day, Daddy was sick too. It made for a rough week with very little “school” going on and a whole lot of cuddling, book reading and movie watching. Thankfully everyone was feeling better in time for Chloe’s 4th birthday party on Friday. […]

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Tot School: Beading

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Beading Gifts Anything craft-like and the littles are all over it. We made bead bracelets for GiGi a while back using different kinds of beads (picked up at a yard sale last summer) and pipe cleaners. They carefully slide the beads on and once they have enough, Mommy helps them twist it and tuck the […]

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Tot School: Decorating for Christmas

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Drawing Improvements This week was spent drawing a lot. We now have markers, pencil crayons along with our regular and fat crayons. They’ve been using each of them to make creations and we’ve been looking at how each one helps us make a different looking drawing. I noticed Chloe has improved in her drawing in […]

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