Tot School: Beading


Beading Gifts

Anything craft-like and the littles are all over it. We made bead bracelets for GiGi a while back using different kinds of beads (picked up at a yard sale last summer) and pipe cleaners. They carefully slide the beads on and once they have enough, Mommy helps them twist it and tuck the ends in. The result is very proud children and very colorful bead bracelets. Chloe is making them for her friends for Christmas. A fun activity, a frugal gift and some fine motor skills practice all rolled into one!


But beading is exhausting work. We spent our afternoon like this:

  IMG_4742 IMG_4740

School Outing: The Nutcracker

A few weeks back, DH suggested that I look up tickets for The Nutcracker and see about taking Chloe. At almost four, she loves ballerinas, tutus and twirling around on a daily basis “balleting”. Each day she gets a bit more graceful. She has Robeez Mary Jane slippers which she calls her ballet slippers.

Anyway, back to the tickets. After seeing the ticket prices, I quickly realized that it wasn’t something that we could do at this time. Then I saw that they had a discounted school performance that was open to homeschoolers. Hurray! Unfortunately, I had left it too late and the school performance was completely booked. Then Lucy of the CBYE offered discounted tickets to the public performance at a price we could afford and I was delighted!!


Saturday morning came around, we excitedly painted our toes, curled our hair and got all dolled up for our exciting adventure. We went out for lunch, just the two of us. After lunch we were walking back to the van, Chloe was skipping along holding my hand and said, “Mommy, thank you so much for taking me to the restaurant for lunch. It was deee-licious!”. Moments like that melt my heart.


We arrived at the theatre, picked up our tickets and were delighted to find our seats where in the orchestra section; nice and close. What a view! We had prepared for the performance a bit so Chloe knew the storyline.

Chloe was mesmerized the entire first act. Her eyes were big as saucers, watching the whirling, twirling dancers. She watched curiously as the mice danced around and was beside herself with delight when the Snow Queen and her beautiful dancers came out.

The second act she was still excited but near the end, she started getting a little antsy. Mommy’s favorite part was the Russian dancers; though none of these little video snippets do the colors, costumes, nor dancers justice. What a fantastic performance; their talent amazes me!!

IMG_5640 This week we will be talking more about The Nutcracker, the music, the colors, costumes and history. We’re also ordering this Nutcracker story from Usborne, which I look forward to reading with the littles.

While I have never seen a live performance of the Nutcracker, I’ve listened to the music, read stories and as a child I listened to Shari Lewis’ Lambchops Nutcracker Suite and would you believe that I actually remember (20+ years later) that the score was written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky just because I had listened to Lambchop?!? {Though I have to admit, I would have spelled it Chai-koff-ski}.


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  • Chloe is 47 months, John is 28 months
  • Week #9


  1. Fun week! I go to the Nutcracker with my oldest every year. It’s a cherished tradition. The tot is still a couple of years away from joining us though. She’s not a good audience member yet. LOL

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