Tot School: Little Life Lessons

Washing Dishes

Washing Dishes

Daily life is full of lessons and fun when you have tots. We washed the dishes (just the plastic ones), played with bubbles and enjoyed ourselves. They love water but even more than that, they love to help mommy. It doesn’t matter what the job, they feel it’s important. May they always keep that desire to help.

IMG_6343 Apples are a snack time favorite here!

Eating Apples, Planting Trees

We munched apples for snack. Chloe had asked last week if we could plant her seeds. We picked up a bag of soil this past week so we could plant her seeds next time we ate apples. She was delighted! We talked about how seeds are planted in the soil, then they need the right amount of sun and water to help them grow. Chloe is notorious for “over-loving and over-watering” her bedroom plants and as a result, they die. We’re working on that. {Not that mommy’s thumb is all that green either though!}

John did not appear to be interested in planting at all. He wandered off to play trains or pirates or something more exciting.

Planting an Apple Tree

Chloe finished planting her seeds then smiled at me and told me she was going to watch them grow. {Hmmm} We talked about how it was going to take a long time for the seeds to grow. Of course Chloe measures time by the number of night-naps so she wonders how many of those? A whole bunch I say. She seems good with that. {I hope these seeds grow!}

Interesting Lunches

Chloe has taken more of an interest in helping prepare lunches. Most of the time she helps make the pasta, put the cheese on sandwiches etc. This week using what was in the fridge already, she helped come up with our lunch. Pretty good if you ask me!


March Break

Well, we may not officially be in school yet but the littles and I are going away with my parents for a few days this week during March break. How fun. Looking forward to visiting with them, doing some swimming and having some adventures. Poor daddy is staying at home, hardworking man that he is! We’ll miss you!

Potty Training

Last week I mentioned we were going to do some potty training with John. This week, for a variety of reasons it was a big, fat #fail! We’ll try again when we get back.

Is it March break where you are? Do you have any plans for March Break? Have a great one – I’ll see you next week!


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