Simple Homemade Lemonade


I love homemade lemonade and first started making it years ago after watching Barefoot Contessa do it on Food TV while entertaining. After tasting it, I’m hooked! Store-bought just doesn’t compare.

  • Lemons
  • Water
  • Crushed Ice
  • Super Fine Sugar

IMG_6363KitchenAid Simple Juicer

The recipe isn’t a fine science; it depends on your taste buds. Lately I’ve been making only what I am going to drink right then because I love the crushed ice in it. I’ve found that the juice of one lemon plus one cup of water plus one cup of ice cubes, whirred around in the food processor or blender. I use superfine sugar to sweeten since it dissolves really fast but regular sugar or a substitute could be used too. I generally find a tablespoon +/- is enough sugar but it depends on the amount of juice I got from the lemon. This makes about 2 glasses as seen in the above photo.

Though you can make it without the crushed ice, I’m telling you, that crushed ice in there is what makes it so incredible!

You would think that with my acid reflux battles due to pregnancy that I would find it too acidy but quite the contrary, I’ve been enjoying it with seeded crackers from Costco and seem to have less! Go figure!

Do you have a “go to” recipe for lemonade or just wing it?


  1. I think all drinks are better with crushed ice! I wish I had a way to crush some. I have some Meyer Lemons that I bet would make some pretty incredible lemonade.

  2. Just Stopping by from TMTT. This makes me long for warmer weather. I wanted to invite you to check out my Iron Chef Challenge This month’s themed ingredient is canned tomatoes, so link up a recipe using those and you could win a prize. It should be a lot of fun, hope you can join us!!

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