Reader Input: Choosing Paint

IMG_6436 NOW

*Update* After a compromise, we settled on Pumpkin Butter.

Lowes has paint on sale this week…the paint I’ve been using to do the house. I have enough of the green left from my room to do our sitting room and was thinking that I wanted to do the dining room a contrasting color.

Valspar has a great program where you can upload your photo and try different colors. Pretty neat!!


Any comments on these ideas? {not to rush you but I was thinking of picking paint tomorrow morning…} I know, they kind of all look the same! We don’t really have any color in either of the rooms and the furniture is all brown leather and rustic Mennonite-style pine.

imageButtercupimage Sunset Glow

image Dandelion Wish

image Amber Wheat

image Golden Castle

image Cowslip


  1. They are pretty similar, aren’t they? 😉 OK, I think I like the Amber Wheat first and then the Dandelion Wish next. The first Buttercup one seems too orangey to me. But then again, sometimes it’s hard to tell with these paint programs. 🙂

    • Thanks Brianna! Amber Wheat is my favorite too I think. Scott likes the buttercup. We’re going to look at the actual samples tomorrow at the store. No idea why I’m on a painting kick. I’ve carefully avoided all color for over 5 years now 🙂

  2. Hey Jen,
    I think as long as it flows with your kitchen and your other living room colour, then go with it!!! Exciting!!!!

  3. My favorite is the Golden Delight…if it is as bright as it looks, I think it goes well with the green. Love the green, what is the name of that one?

    I also like the Dandelion Wish.

  4. Yep……..big picture….. looks like a pumpkin;-)
    I can see Scott’s colors at work here;-)
    As long as U like…..tis great!

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