Vision and Inspiration for Spring Cleaning

My Dresser

Today is a short post on the fly about vision and inspiration. I wanted to share with you this picture; my inspiration for the rest of the house.

For 2011, my vision is simplicity. It’s going to look different for each aspect of my life but the purpose of it is to help me accomplish what is truly important. In 2011, we will be adding another little one to the family, jetting off to South Africa on vacation shortly thereafter, then returning to our first “official” homeschooling year of Pre-K. In addition to that, I want to make sure I have time daily to love on my husband and littles, to take advantage of teachable moments and enjoy those moments of spontaneity and fun. Sometimes it takes planning to do that!

When it comes to my home, I’m learning simplicity means a few things to me. It means uncluttered and ‘less stuff’ of course, but simplicity also means beauty and freedom. I don’t want to be bogged down with excessive housework and caring for things in 2011.  Less stuff means less work, and less clutter leaves me feeling peaceful.

The above photo is of my dresser in my room. We have an incredible amount of sunlight due to our huge windows so the coloring is a bit off, but the dresser is really what I wanted to share. Looking at that clear surface, gives me a sense of calm.  I’m learning that bare isn’t begging to be filled but entreating to be enjoyed in it’s beauty and simplicity.

When we first moved in to our house, it felt huge, empty and sparse. I took it as a personal challenge to fill it up. Now I am moving back towards that initial uncluttered look, learning to add in small touches that inspire the beauty in simplicity.

Looking at this dresser, it motivates me to purge the rest of my home with a vengeance, keeping what is beautiful, functional and necessary. Giving myself permission to part with things, I’m feeling an incredible freedom!

Before you start your spring cleaning this year, think about what you want to accomplish. Of course you want a clean house but what else? Do you want to be more organized in 2011? Or make your home more homey and welcoming? Choosing one goal for your home {and determine how this goal will further your life goals} will help you to have focus as you go about your cleaning.  This post is the first in my spring cleaning saga.

Have you started spring cleaning? Aside from “clean” do you have a goal for your home this year?


  1. LOL..thats the same colour as our halls and front enrty 🙂
    its a very warm/welcoming colour!! Great job

  2. Clean and simple gives me a sense of calm in my life. I don’t need all that clutter in my life. It bogs me down and occupies to much of my life. As I par down I feel a sense of freedom to focus an more important things.

  3. How inspiring! You’e so right about wanting to get back to a less cluttered state. I am such a hoarder, but i am trying hard to let go to things that just take up space.

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