Simplify! My Office (Part 2)

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Since my mom had the tots the other day, I thought I would finish tacking my desk. My desk was an absolute disaster and I had tackled part of it this spring. Today I finished it up and I am feeling an immense sense of relief! I finished up the paperwork and filed it all. […]

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Simplify! Children’s Clothing & Toys

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During  Project: Simplify we’ve done the the Master Bedroom Closet and paper clutter. I am still working on part two of paper clutter but also accomplished the third hot spot: children’s clothing and toys. Tackling the children’s clothing and kids toys was easy because I am an ultra-organized mother. Not! My Toy and Book System: […]

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Simplify! My Office (Part 1)

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 (the wall art is my DH’s) Well if I was hesitant about the first assignment of Project: Simplify (the Master Bedroom Closet), I was crestfallen to hear that paper clutter would be the second challenge. My home is pretty organized. I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have drop in guests at any time, with the exception […]

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Simplify! Master Bedroom Closet

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Participating in the first challenge of Project: Simplify! I tackled my master bedroom closet. The Details: My husband and I share a walk in closet, about 8’x5’ I’d say. The back half contains boxes that can’t go anywhere else. Sad, but a fact that I accept and work with. For the purpose of this Simplify! […]

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Vision and Inspiration for Spring Cleaning

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Today is a short post on the fly about vision and inspiration. I wanted to share with you this picture; my inspiration for the rest of the house. For 2011, my vision is simplicity. It’s going to look different for each aspect of my life but the purpose of it is to help me accomplish […]

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Home Tour: Boys Room

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Welcome to the Boys Room After our ultrasound on December 30th, we discovered we were expecting another little boy. Hurray. So this went from being John’s room (2 1/2 years old) to being the boys room, with him sharing with Isaac when he arrives in May. I’m participating in Transformation Thursday, though full disclosure, I […]

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