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Welcome to the Boys Room

After our ultrasound on December 30th, we discovered we were expecting another little boy. Hurray. So this went from being John’s room (2 1/2 years old) to being the boys room, with him sharing with Isaac when he arrives in May.

I’m participating in Transformation Thursday, though full disclosure, I didn’t do this all today. I did wash the linens, purge the toys and take the pictures today though.


Our friend Kris came over a few weeks back and we {he} painted the room. Though this was the nursery for both Chloe and John, I had never painted it I suppose I am scared of color. I finally decided on a very pale blue and I love it, though the paint hardly shows in the photos. I can assure you that, especially when it’s dark out, this room is quite a lovely shade of blue!

We bought a premium brand which was a little more but one coat was all we needed so it turned out to be cheaper in the end!



See that picture on his book shelf? That’s the shark John painted.


This red and blue fire truck mini quilt was made by my mother for John when was still in his toddler bed. He loves it so much that he still sleeps with it and mommy loves it too. It’s really soft. She made his pillow case and red window valance to match. Mom is very talented!! {Love you, Mom!}

John’s blue quilt is one I bought on the first Mother’s Day I was married and we were expecting. I bought it at Quilted Heirlooms in St. Jacobs. Depending on the day you’re there, you can actually see the older {and younger} Mennonite ladies upstairs quilting away. Scott and I also have a St. Jacob’s quilt on our bed that I bought the same day. Aren’t they beautiful?

IMG_1942John’s old bed which is now at my parents house



As much as I am afraid of paint and color, I’m even more afraid of border and such. I guess I am afraid of commitment! Hmm. Anyway, a while back I won a gift card to Splash Wall Art. I had been saving it for the perfect time. The perfect time came a couple weeks ago. I liked these vehicles but only wanted fire trucks. They do custom orders and accommodated my request for no extra charge! I also bought the sleep tight words to go over the crib in a blue and grey. I ‘m really happy with them.



I love kijiji and have gotten many great deals on there including this fantastic Bebe Confort Fire Truck set brand new with tags for a great deal. The set was put on there to clear out from Nursery Rhymes. It also came with a nursing pillow cover, window valance, diaper stacker, toy organizer and tons of other matching accessories which I haven’t opened yet. The colors and style are just what I was hoping for and it ties in so well with the rest of the room. I got them at a fraction of retail price!


When John was a year old, I bought the crib off Kijiji for $50 when our brand name $500 crib was recalled. It’s our original mattress though.

The cradle ad rocking chair are currently in our bedroom. I will move the rocker into the nursery when Isaac arrives. It will probably go on the wall with the door. The door beside the crib is actually the door to Chloe and John’s ajoining bathroom. I may move the boat shelf to the other wall then put the rocker there. That would probably make more sense; nice and close to the crib. What do you think?

My dad made that beautiful boat shelf out of oak. Isn’t he talented?

Those dwarfs on the shelf above the armoire are from the dollar store. They used to be in my grandparents garden. John loves his “Heigh-Ho’s”. He accidently broke two dwarfs and snow white when we first got the set. He doesn’t seem to notice anyone is missing.

The rainforest mobile is from Aunty Sandy just for our new baby!

John needs the little step stool to get in and out of his bed.

I also transformed this tin of chocolate into a pen holder or storage container. I didn’t do this all on one day though…it was a {delicious} process! If you have a tin of chocolate that you would like eaten made into a handy storage container, please send me an email!



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Happy Thursday!


  1. Have you decided to go with Isaac? I LOVE that name. Good choice by miss Chloe!
    I think the closer to the crib the rocking chair is, the better. That way if Isaac is one of those babies that needs to be rocked to sleep, there is a smaller amount of time that he can wake up in, on the walk over to the crib.

  2. Congrats on another boy!!!!
    I agree, chair closer to the crib is best! Although, I will say my very favourite part of the room is the lettering on the wall. It’s absolutely beautiful! I was thinking about doing something like that in all of our bedrooms here! Seeing it, has just solidified my decision!
    Great transformation, by the way! It looks wonderful! I also love the pen holder!

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