Tot School: Color Caterpillars and Choo Choo’s


Confession time: we just started “back to school” on Friday Jan 21st. Of course the days are still filled with play, toys and books but being “off school” I haven’t grabbed my  camera as frequently. I’m looking forward to this week, with a return to our usual routine. Needless to say, this tot school post isn’t very “school-ish”.


Number Express and a Color Caterpillar were two captivating items. I’d picked them up for my mom’s house from Scribbles to Scholars but we played with them a bit before they left!


We had a play date with friends at Jungle Jam, a belated little birthday bash for her. It’s impossible to take pictures there as they all turn out blurry on account of the children never staying still. There is tons to do, climb on and explore. They had a blast.


We spoke to GiGi via Skype and they quite enjoyed it, the talking and the fact that they could see themselves on the computer screen.





My sweet little tutu daughter helping fold the laundry; what a difference two years makes. She is now actually helpful when she is “helping”.

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  • Chloe is 4 years old, John is 29 months


  1. 2 years really does make a difference. It is neat to look back at how much they grow:-) Found you through the Bliss at Home page on Facebook. Looking forward to reading more.

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