Winners Call and 20 Weeks Along


Pregnancy Newsletters

With all of my pregnancies, I signed up for the Penn Pregnancy & Parenting newsletter. I enjoy having a little something to read each week about our baby. There are tons of prenatal pregnancy newsletters out there. What’s your favorite? According to Penn Pregnancy, our baby now weighs approximately 9 ounces (255g) and measures about 6.5 inches (16 cm) long.

Our Ultrasound News

We had our ultrasound last week. I was shocked {but pleased} to find out we are expecting a boy. My Intelligender prediction was wrong! The baby looks healthy and was busy trying to eat his hand during the ultrasound. It was so neat to watch! We were planning to name our baby Ethan George but Chloe is quite taken with the name Isaac. Scott and I are still deliberating. Either way, I’m so happy. I cried at the ultrasound when the technician said the baby looked fine. Life is a miracle, blessing and privilege. And I thought of Isaiah, who was a miracle, blessing and privilege too, and shed some tears for him as well.

I have a prenatal appointment next week so I’ll find out then if I’m on target for dates…

Pregnancy Books

One of my favorite pregnancy books, one I highly recommend, is Your Pregnancy Week by Week.  It was recommended to me by a friend when I was expecting our first. She lent me hers {thanks Carm!} but I loved it so much, I ended up buying my own copy along with all the other books in the series. I know many women love “What to Expect when You’re Expecting” but it seemed so overwhelming with information. Your Pregnancy Week by Week had just the right amount. Anyway, each week has a chapter and the first several weeks, I loved the “actual size” pictures. It had some facts about baby, some things to be cautious of and just was helpful to me overall! I read it through all of my pregnancies and then gave it {and the father one mentioned below} to a couple at church who was newly expecting since we were done having children. {Surprise!} This book is definitely a great gift idea too.

There are actually a few books written in the same series with questions and answers, a book for the father, pregnancy after 35 and about baby’s first year. We had them all. I’m not sure the father’s book was all that helpful. I read parts of it, I’m not sure DH read any of it. They did have some silly “myths dispelled” sections assuring you that if mommy eats ice cream, the baby will not be born with a cold and other such things. Slightly amusing I suppose.

Simply Baby Giveaways Ended

Congratulations to the following winners and a big thank you to all who entered. There are several more giveaways coming up for Simply Baby and remember, if you would like to submit your birth story, just send me an email!

Winners, I’ll be sending you an email shortly.

Intelligender Giveaway Can & USA 12/8 to 12/23


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  1. I also like the week by week book. I would say it’s my favourite. I skip over tons of sections in the what to expect book. It is too much info. But maybe good if you were looking for info on a certain topic!

  2. I vote for Issac with Chloe….that is a really sweet name 🙂
    Plus the boys said they already have a cousin named Eathan LOL

  3. Aww, congrats on another little boy. A healthy one too! God is soo good! I think both Ethan and Isaac are lovely names. Good luck choosing. 😉

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