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Intelligender: Ever heard of it? I hadn’t until I read a blog review about it. I was delighted to have the opportunity to review some of their products as well as to spread the news! This an awesome, long awaited product. My mom used to jokingly ask if the pregnancy test line turned pink or blue…well, now it’s a reality!

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Intelligender is a fun, safe and easy way to find out if you are having a girl or a boy as early as 10 weeks! Urine reacts with the chemicals in the jar and creates a reaction and then it is simply a matter of color matching. Pretty simple huh?

Taking the test was easy. I did it first thing in the morning. Opened it up, peed in the cup provided, used the syringe to put the urine into the rest receptacle then waited. The test did give off a funny smell but hey, my nose is super sensitive right now! I put the test on a white plate and made sure to read it at eye level. When reading it from above, the results were inconclusive. When reading directly at eye level, the results were clear. The white background also ensured easy result reading.


IMG_5199 IMG_5198

Green indicates boy and orange indicates girl; there is a color strip on each side of the jar. You simply match the color to the strip. I think my results were pretty easy to read! {though my picture of the boy is a bit funny – sorry}

According to the FAQ, their lab results had a 90% accuracy. That being said, even when the lab tech told us what we were having with our two previous children, we still kept in mind that nothing is certain until the baby arrives! I think that I’m having a girl this time based on the intercourse vs ovulation timing, the extreme morning sickness and that this pregnancy is much more like Chloe’s than John’s along with a few other fun gender myths. My Intelligender test corroborates my thoughts. I wonder what the ultrasound on December 30th will have to say?

IntelliCeuticals by IntelliGender

imageI also received the Episi-Prep Cream which I haven’t tried yet. With both John and Chloe, I had natural homebirths. Despite warm compresses and slow, controlled pushing, I did have minor tearing with both births which required some stitches in both cases. {For those first time moms, like Rae, reading this…at the time, I didn’t even notice the tearing there was so much else going on!) Afterwards, with Chloe there was some discomfort (I had a cold and coughed a lot which made it hurt) and baths/icepacks helped. With John, there was very little discomfort. While obviously, I happily accept any of these little things that happen as a part of the process, if I can do anything to help reduce the chances of tearing during birth, I’m all for it! The Episi-Prep Cream is something to be applied beginning a few weeks before your due date to help tone and prepare the area for stretching and the strain of birth. It can also be used after birth to help soothe the area. I am really excited about this product. Valerie, my contact, also told me that the one small tube should do it, you don’t need a lot. I’m super excited to try this and will definitely let you know after birth if I felt it was beneficial and worth using!

Special Note: If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, they are currently looking for pregnant women to participate in their ongoing testing. The application can be found here. Fun!

Buy It!

Intelligender is offering a special coupon code to Beautiful Calling readers. They can receive 25% off their entire order of IntelliCeuticals products on our website. Just enter coupon code: IC025 at checkout. {This might be a good time to purchase the Episi-Prep Cream if you are expecting}.

Intelligender would make a fun Christmas gift for the expectant woman in your life!!


Win It! {CLOSED}

Intelligender would like to give one lucky Canadian or US reader  their very own IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test and a IntelliCeuticals Conceive-Ease Flower Essence (pictured above). Quite the giveaway! Win for yourself or a friend who is expecting, or trying to conceive. It’s easy to enter.

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  1. I’d like to try the gender prediction test. I’m pregnant with my third child and I have two boys. I’m dying to know if it’s a boy or girl!

  2. i’d like to try babys best milk drops!!! i NEED this! The fenugreek is supposed to increase milk! AH! I want it! 🙂

  3. I follow your blog via e-mail. I would love to give the intelligender a try, I think it would be fun to “find” out before the ultrasound.

  4. I would love to try the IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test. This is my second pregnancy and im 13 weeks as of now. I would love to be able to find this closer to me as a Christmas gift to my family. if someone know’s of any places located in Ontario Canada can someone please send me a email or link with where to buy one. 🙂

  5. I would like to try conceive-ease flower essence because I am having such a hard time getting pregnant.

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