Simplify! My Office (Part 2)

Art and Office

Since my mom had the tots the other day, I thought I would finish tacking my desk. My desk was an absolute disaster and I had tackled part of it this spring. Today I finished it up and I am feeling an immense sense of relief!

I finished up the paperwork and filed it all. I am determined to keep up on the mountain of paperwork by spending 1/2 an hour a week dealing with whatever is in the inbox.

I de-cluttered, threw out a lot, donated a bunch of things and took some things to the consignment store. I implemented donate/sell boxes in the children’s closets which eliminates the piles of clothing that ended up on my desk, waiting for me to list them on kijiji or eBay.

I designated baskets for things that usually end up on my desk in random piles such as repairs.

The craft supplies, which had no permanent home, are now sorted and organized on a shelf.

I have the end part set up with paper and drawing supplies for the children. This will now be our craft area.

It is amazing how something seems to be so overwhelmingly huge and it grows as it weighs on you. Then when you finally tackle it, you wonder why you waited so long.

Anything looming over your head today?

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  1. Hi, Jennifer and family,
    Our family is praying for you and the safe arrival of your beautiful blessing! Keep in touch! I am so glad you told me about your blog. I have been learning so much about you, and am having a good time with it, too. If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us!
    Pastor Feere and Ida

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