Box Day 2011 – Sonlight

Box Day 2011

Our first box day was 2010 (using Before Five in a Row). A fun, easy-going year. This year marks our second year homeschooling and our first with Sonlight.

John will be doing Fiction, Fairytales and Fun (P3/4) and Chloe will enjoy Exploring God’s World (P4/5), though I imagine there will be lots of overlaps and both will enjoy most of the stories.

Chloe studied all her books carefully after removing them from her box. John was delighted to discover his own pair of beginner scissors in his box; he never explored the box further. He literally spent the entire morning happily cutting up all the packing paper that came in the boxes into little pieces. {It made me thankful for a vacuum which made clean up a breeze.}

{I started to take a video and then realized the memory card was full. Oops!}

Though both were anxious to dig right in, I spent some time checking off the packing slip then labeling the spines of the books with the color-coded labels. We aren’t starting school until August or September – we’ll see.

Something super-neat about the boxes is that they have a space ship or castle printed inside along with directions. We haven’t built ours yet since the littles were too busy cutting the packing paper with their new scissors.


Aside from the camera issues, it was a beautiful box day and I’m looking forward to the start of our new school year 🙂


  1. What fun! I am considering homeschooling when my little ones are older…we’ll see depending on where we’re at in our lives by then….and I’m assuming no signs of baby yet? I’ve been on the look out in my blog roll for the news :o) Praying for a fabulous, successful and blessed home birth! (From one home birther to another :o)

    • @Tiffany – thanks so much. Still no sign of baby yet. Guess he’s pretty happy where he is; it’s only mama who’s anxious 🙂

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